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Aaaaa where to start from? Val is a cool chick...i met her in Sec1...shes a real sporty chick like me :) except she is way better in soccer...she is in AAA and is in my school soccer team. I'll never forget all of those memories with ya Val! it was so cool, sitting with u on da bus and talking bout guy problems ;)...and all dose times we spent in da bus to soccer, and da race....damn...ill nver forget dose memories...all of our lil convos...theres way to many things to remeber...remeber all dat thing bout Oli...haha and remeber dat time with da Krispy "Kernells!" hahaha...dat was just to cool...we became fat eh! lol...and den at school i was gonna buy u one but one i got back der was no more!! ahaha suckerrrrrrrr hehehe. Remember our lil dance?? hahaha dat was just too cool...hehe...imma neva forget it! ;) Man we were so crazy sometimes...running all ova da place! damn...da good memories...but dont worry sweetie, ders still a lot more to come..imma neva forget u sweetie, and dont u quit da soccer team girl!! we soo need u! except with me on da team, were gonna be losing! hahaha...lets wait for all of da precious time to come...nwo dat school is starting again...haha and dont worry, i dont take u as a "bouch trou" in da morning! haha love ya!

My sweet lil munchkin! now ill never forget u hunny bunny!! hahaha There are way to many memories with u Debby! Where to start from?? Omg!! At ur birthday party, i dont know what grade we were in, but i dont think we were pretty young. You got all pissed off at me asnd u didnt want to talk to me no more cause i had asked for anotha piece of cake and i didnt finish it!! omgl! damn...i lost u as a friend cause of that...if i would of known i would of finished the damn piece! Lol...aaa man, and den remember when we got into highschool last year we were all stressing out! and den we would go eat unda *the tree* and we planted a knife to mark our property, and den those bitches stole our place! damn! u can eat or ass bitches! lol...haha and rmeeber when i would go to da weight room like evey day!! lol...omg...i cant believe we were in da same gym class man! dat was liek way too cool! we were da teachers pet and we would like alwyas get da same marks! hahaha remember when we were dancing and all of dos dudes were watchung us?? and den i totally f*cked up my dancing!! omg...dat was way to embarrising!! ill neva forget dat!! Anyways...dne der was all dos times in da locker room...me bashing all ova da place...and telling u all of ma problems bout u know who!! hahaha, but der wasent only dat, den there was soccer...sweet soccer! haha...i cnat belive what we were saying man!! dat was just too funny...remeber dat chick who slipped on da shower floor and cut open her knee!! damnnn. Remember us always competing...but dont worry hunny, we are still great friends...and we alwyas will be!! We got da same speed, da same amount of "hyperness" haha but u got more!! I still got all of dose crazy pictures of us at my place...aaa man...ill never forget dese things...haha remember in Moral when me and Justin were staring at u and u were just picking at ur boob!! hahaha, and u always jumping to my place when i get in class and tripping all ova da desk!! hahaha, omg debby, were always gonna be friends sweety... i espacially never will forget dat convo we had with James!!! hahahahaha dat was just way too funny!!! omg...love u darling...dont forget all of dose good times we had in da locker room ;)

Krissie, Krissie, Krissie...so many memories! Not only from this "soccer" year, but also from da years we would play with Mascouche and all dat. I wont forget all those times weve passed through, and espacially dose splinters on our ass f*ck! stupid Nelson dosent know what the fuck playing ur players mean! all of dat shit that happend with Mimi also known as Minoun LMFAO I would kill my mom if she would call me that...anyways...all dat time we spent at the camping place! Everyone was at there lil hotel swimming in da pools and gettin' drunk...but my parents wanted to go camping so we got stuck with some coke and a lake! haha, but it was still cool being away from all of dose b*tches. But der wasent only dat team, der was di RHS team, remeber we got our splinters out of our ass at dat team! Haha, all of dose times on da bus, and your daddy helping us with dose umbrellas! Thanx to Krissie's dad and grampa for supporting us at all of ur games! aaa "Kristy" ill neva forget all of da good times ive had with ya! Take care sweetie!

Alex!! Now dats what I call an elf ayye alex! ;) Dis is a cool chick!! Ya know, hockey goaler, soccer goaler....she kicks butts...LITERALLY! Haha, ive had so much fun with this chick! Shes so cool! Haha, remember dat time in da locker room alex?? When i was going really crazy!! I would run all ova da place, yelling and singing and i would jump on the lockers and start dancing...a man...i am really crazy sometimes :S...and then u just looked at me and went "Are you ok...stop drinkin Cin!!" haha, ill neva forget dat, and last year when u gave me Jalapeno chips...and i took like 5 at da same time!! Damn my mouth was burning!!! Haha, and dat time in da bus when u were bashing me all ova da place!! and u were kicking me!! aaa u can be mean sometimes :( arrrggg...Remeber dat time at *Mc Donalds when u were yelling at dose skanks outside da bus, and they wanted to come on the bus to kick ur ass!! haha, and then the girl slipped on a step!! damn...dat just too funny! Haha, and dat time we had da game against JFK and we kicked there ass 6-0 or something...and it was like raining so hard that i LITERALLY  flew away with ma umbrella!! hahahaha...damn...so many memories...weve not known eachother for so long...but its still a lot of things! haha, anyways, Long Live *ROXY* eh alex ;)...oh ya and also, long live de elf!! hahaha, love ya hun...even do we spend lots of times having dos cat fights infront of ma locker at lunch!! haha...im ur dog alex!

Lil Megan actually taller den me!  Now u got da style going on sweetie! Haha, ur ma lil punk ass bitch! :P You such a good player girl! I unno why Halebi wasent playing u! haha, he wasent playing both of us! :P Haha, remeber dat *Superman* sweater i would always take from u! haha, remember at dat soccer game when i had i think it was 3 sweaters, 3 coats, like 2 scarves, mittens, and 2 hoods and a hat? man...i cant believe that Sarah took a picture for da yearbook!! If ever she puts it in der...im gonna take my friends and im gonna rip it out! haha, omg...and when we were at the JFK soccer game and i was holding this mini umbrella and we were like 5 under it!! haha, the time when u asked me whast should be ur band name, and i said. *Evil Penguins!!* but noooo, u had to put it to "Dont Ask Questions!" haha, anyways...ill always love ya Megan! take care sweetie!

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