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As youve read earlier, Im a real soccer freak. I've been playing since 1995 <so obviously i was 6 going onto my 7> I have a trophee for all of ma years :D, so ma cupboard is filled with dem! haha, just kiddin'. I now play in AA with my hometown for "Des Moulins" Its my 1st year in AA and i gotta admit it wasent the best. But i learnt that there are some f*ckin snobs that play in AA and u wonder why the hell there there...eh Karyn! tsk tsk... My coach had planned a trip to France and we had done full of fundraisers...<Thanx to all of u who helped me raise some money! espacially ma chicks who helped me fold some envolopes!> but i dont think were going ne more...wtv...i dont think im gonna go back in AA, my team sucked...everyone dissing eachother...saying there da best!! <ders no I in TEAM people!!!> learn ur spelling!!! anywyas...i also play with my school team! <TURN ON THE RADIO LISTEN TO THE NEWS! WERE GONNA WIN AND UR GONNA LOSE! WHEN UR UP UR UP, WHEN UR DOWN UR DOWN, WHEN UR UP AGAINST ROSMERE UR UPSIDE DOWN!!!> haha, now dat team kicked ass, all ma lil darlings on da team, not to mention ma lil elf! <Debby, Krissie, Leena, and Val, ill never forget da time Debby almost got a concussion banging her head all over da place! LMAO!> and Jill going WACKO with all of da *Mc Donalds* food! damn where does all of dat shit go in her?? Haha and all dat time we were sticking our heads out of dat window and singing *Oh Canada!!* and yelling at those bitches in the Mc Donalds parking lot and yelling at all of those dudes! haha, and our lil *convos* in the locker room...ayye debby..talking all dat shit of u know what...cant believe u actually have those convos hun! ;) haha, and Debby, all dos time i came into da locker room kicking all of da f*ckin lockers cause of some shit dat was going on...and dat time that i kicked it so hard i f*ckin bounced off! ANd fell on my ass on da floor! Damn...who knew soccer could bring so damn memories! aaa ill never forget u ma darlings...what we gonna do without u Jill and all of u girls dat r graduating! u gotta come visit us people! And LONG LIVE SOCCER! espacially RHS SOCCER!!! we kick butts huns!



I discovered i had a "talent" in running when i was in grade 3. At my elementray school there was a "Mini Marathon" and I had won 4th place. When your younge, fourth place is really good :D...Debby had done the race with me...cause both of us were da sames and we did everything together! She came in 7th...unfortinatly cause she got an azma attak...poor Debby, she would of gotten so far!! But u were still good hun! <haha remeber when u arrived at the race with ur big cotton shirt and dos big pants! and i was in ma lil shorts and tshirt!! hahaha> I hadnt done any other races until Sec 1...i did my school race and came in 2nd...it was Stephanie Martel, me, and den Debby. <Congrats to all of u> Remember when we got lost!! Damn!! we had to ask this old lady where was RHS!! haha and den we went to da regionals, and i gotta admit, i didnt get very far...but i was with Debby and Steph...that was cool, all of da people pushing in da mud...hahaha. Then this year there was another race, Steph Martel wasent there this time <she had changed school> so i came 1st in da race! yaaa hoo!! and den Val came 2nd and Debby 1st!! u rock girls!! Haha remeber when we went to da regionals in da van saying full of dat shit...haha, with Rabchuck and Leena! Man dat was cool! and all of dat dirt all ova us!! haha, and dat tiny hill people were sliding off!! AND US STARTING LAST!! DAMN THAT WAS A PISS OFF!!! haha...well ill never forget the memories of dose races...hoping u girls will do dem next ear also! love u all sweeties!

Surfin' is another sport that I extremlyyyy enjoy :D lol, christ...I've never done it..but oh my god I dont know what I would do to have the oppurtunity to Surf. I am literally known around everywhere because of my big Surf addict...its the only thing I talk about. Hopefully one day I'll gather up enough cash, and go on that roadtrip that I always dreamed of doing all the way to Califronia, and then go surfin with my Billabong wet suit ;) lol...wish me luck! :S

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