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M, C!d!

Hey! I'm Cindy! I'm HARDCORE Canadian, but I have the whole Californian look going on! I got the class blue eyes and blonde hair! And dam straight, I'm proud of! I'm 5'2 <as tall as mah 18, y/o sister Stephanie! PPL TELL US WE LOOK ALIKE! I got 2 sisters, actually and Valerie is 20. I have alotta pets! But they all make meh smile!  I got 2 bitches (Fanny and Peggy) and a cat, Max! As mentioned before, I am very energetic, and I love sports, espically my baby soccer! I also enjoy watching surfing! (Not 2 mention, any other sport!) I'm a very orginal dresser, although I spent tons of time in the mirror, I'm only out to impress myself! I transfer ethically developed styles daily, from prep & sporty 2 pre punk of. I still stick to my Roxy and Billabong clothing. In summer, I spend my time playing soccer and swimming with my friends. Sometimes, I take the time to try out other sports, such as badmington or basketball. In winter I SO MAKE THE TIME 2 ski. I've been skiing for awhile now, but this year I decided to take a new step. A new challenge. Snowboarding! I'll be a pro in a real giffy! I'm known around my school for all the wrong reasons! Being crazy, hyper and craving Roxy & Billabong wear keep the fans coming! I like being with my friends! Great company! They're all different but we all get along really well.

Me with my *RoXy* sweater :D


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