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Now dats one cool guy...lol, ur so cool Matt, your like my bestfriend, literally, me and you have gone through lots, all of those convos on the phone, the net...the time we spent at La Ronde, Super Aqua Club, my place...lol its just too cool. Thanx for gettin us...all of the gang some McDo on one of the last days of school...that was like so cool :P lol...you remember at the water park when i did the friggin slide that goes into the lake...*sigh*, but there was some good memories of the park with you n tats. Thanx for comin to watch some of my RHS soccer games, and sorry i didnt go to ur baseball one.. :( lol...ill never foget that jump that WE built at Alex's chalet in the winter...hehe...to gunny...lmao :D anyhoo..i wish you ALL  of my luck for you n tats...even though u guys really dont need it. you guys are like meant for eachother, you guys gonna last forever :) i love you both..so much :) dont change one bit matt, or else imma kill you...he he he....


James James James...well, what to say bout you...TOO MUCH!! lol...wait i know... your weird...lmao...i joke i joke. your so cool, even though me and you went through LOTS  this year...you did change lots in me...thanxs to you... i got to meet a bunch of full new ppl, and amazin ones to...i love you all so much for exceptin me with you guys. I unno what id do with all of you...anyhoo...remember James when me you n Brandon went to see les feux de St. Jean and westarted beating eachother up with those baseball bats...hehehe, to cool :P and ya...La Ronde and everything, lol...le Condor et le splash...hehe anyhoo merci pour toute...toute ce que tu a faite pi toute...cest trop cool...change po aight! love ya

TOI TES TROP COOL! lmao, lol, Alex alex alex..hehe, merci pour toute en! De toute nous avoir inviter au chalet l'hiver ET l'ete lol...tu pete le feux :p je ne sais po comment te remercier. Tes trop cool pi j'espere que tu vo po changer...si non lo..arrgggg :p lol i joke i joke...non mais bonne chance ak la fille du golf...je t'adore :)

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