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Audi Audi Audi...lol...hahaha, i've got like wayyy to many memories with you. All the times we spent together when we were at the mall, and when we went to watch "Cellular" and we couldnt stand but keep out mouths open throughout the whole movie! lol...dont think wrong. And ya, when we were at the McDonalds in Rosemere, and we took those millions of pictures in the washroom, but then ur film didnt end up working. When we went to Montreal, Plus Sur Commande, which led us to win some football tickets...hahah that was the best i got to say...hahaha cheering not knowin what the hell was going on...and then that old man that pulled me down the bleachers with him...haha...then theres all those times at your place, the Kama Sutra book...haha, and ur dog who does the big acrobatic jumps that freaked the hell out of me when the blanket came down! lol,all those crazy pictures we took...when we went apple picking, lol, and of course, who can forget...the big CONTACT TRAGEDY!! hahaha, now that will ALWAYS stay in my mind. Lol, anyhooo...just tellin you how many memories and amusment weve had...with our lil Celeriiiiii song...and u being a walrus, a hamster, a dog, a pig, a rabbit...what else? lol..anyhoo hope that there is lots more of those memories to come up! I love you so much hunny, and i'll always remember you because u totally marked me with that Contact Tragedy. lol...take care and dont change..your as cool as  you can be :) lol you rock :)


Aaaa Meli tes trop cool ma fille, lol, ur just like the center of party, remember all of our lil convos in math class bout you know who..and then me runnin from one end to another to go give it to the person, lmao...me and you ould like talk bout anything...ANYTHING!! lmao, I LOVE MY GARFIELD!! hahaha, lol, dont worry sweetie, i love ya to...ill never forget all of the shit we did together..."ta ta ta THRILLLERRRRRRR" HAHAHA lmao, and umm Mc Donalds, lmao...Darien Lake....hehehe...aaa i just love ya so much sweetie...take care and dont change :)


Hehe, dont worry Kim, i love you as much as i love n e one else :P ill espacially NEVER  forget the things WEEEE went through...together...*sigh*, lmao...THE TITANIC IS SLINKINGGG!!! hahaha, weve got to do that again some other time...but make sure there aint no guys around girl...lol, i just love you so much...its than to you that i started to hang out with u girls again after me n James were over, its cause it was ur bday, and i wished it to u 100 TIMES!! BET YA NO ONE ELSE DID THAT EH!! LOL..love ya sweetie, dont change eh...or else imma kill you...teeheeeheee :)

I LOVE YOU TO CINDYYY DONT WORRY, lmao, hehe your just plain cool, not for any particular reasons, ur just cool :P copyin my name though aint cool..NOT COOL GIRL...lol i joke i joke :P, lol well ya i dont really have that much to say, cause like i just said, ur just cool :) hehe...dont change sweet cheeks...and he knows, maye youll get that chance with you know who ;)


Tttats...he he he, ya well you la...ur a pain!! ur so annoyin i hate you.. I JOKE I JOKE!! I LOVE YOUU!!!lmao, rembmer, "boop boop bee boop" hehe...ya...got it stuck in my head the whole time i was on vacation..oh well dosent matter...i still love you :)...hehe..and La Ronde..le Condor.hehe, oh and ill never forget those water fights in the lake at Super Aqua Club with you n matt, and me drownin in the wave pool..sigh :P lol, little has past by, and only good things have, so i am anxious to see what is still ahead for us, and i wish u all of my luck for you n Matt, even though you dont need it, you guys are the perfect couple, i love you both! dont change :)


Meli Melo, je taime mon amourrr hehe, moi aussi je suis tres contente de se r'approcher ak toi, meme si on se parlait po beaucoup, ben lo on se parle pi on fait plien d'affaire ensemblee!! La Ronde...VERTIGOOOO hehe, i wish i could laugh to, but unfortinatly i cant cause you guys were all laughin at me...jespere con va rester proche ensemble parseque on se fait full de fun, tu te r'appele quand on etait jar full jeune pi lo on se faisait jar full de fun ak les matelas...hehe...sti cetait cool :)entouka ma belle...je vais sourtout jamais oublier la St.Jean que j'avait passer ak toi..entouka..change po...pi tes cool comme sa...je t'adore :)


Pumpkin tits!! i love you, and nothing will change that, me and you can do like anything..from sharing clothes to sharing gums...lol..mhm...weve always been like that, and thats whats amazing, you and i get along so well, even after 9 years...soon 10, of knownin you...you were always amazing...remember our lil "things" on webcam...hehe, shhh, and La Ronde when we did Le Cobra...hehe..ya its just amazin to spend sometime with you.ur just so understnading...ill espacially never forget tat time in the church when i shot an elastic...SHHH now that is to stay between us and everyone else readin this...lol, well ya...and i always doo WONDER  why u called ur INDEX finer James...*sigh*, i love you so much Ser i honestly dont know what id do without you :) and a lil advice sweetie...quit touchin my butt :P lol..love ya :)

Marie Marie Marie, je t'aime ma belle, meme si on a eu des petits probleme technique cette annee, sa rien changer entre la facon que je te voi. Your so cool gurl, the only thing i kinda dislike...is the lil "AMerican" side to you...lmao..i joke i joke..but ya gurl, after knowning you for like ummm well since kindergarden, our times have just never stopped. we just went through way too much for me to name em all..but you know what im talkin bout sweetie..cest vraiment trop cool..je t'adore, meme si je le montre po au tant que je faisait avant...mais je taime toujours :) change po ma belle...et meilleur chance ak toute les gars que t'aime :P lol i joke i joke :)


*Kim & Val*
Hehe, you girls kick butt, lolies, plein d'affaire et arriver ak nous aussi, mais beaucoup trop...quand moi pi Kim on avait ete a Park Mauricie, pi t'avait perdu ton soulier dans la bouette...or however we spell it :P mais entouka...je vous aimes les 2...wous etes trop cool..prenez bien soins de vous.. love ya :)