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Hey guys im Cindy! I'm an out of the ordinary type of girl, who loves to have fun and hang out with her friends and espacially my boyrfriend :D ! I go to highschool where I'm well known for my trendy style! THAT'S RITE! *Roxy* and *Billabong* ALL THE WAY!!...I also love sports! *SOCCER* is my one and only! I even already played some AA :) but ya, I love to go crazy!! <I can live on chocolate and alcohol!) SMIRNOF is still rocking my world!! BURTON FEELGOOD KICK ASS!!

M Fvts

I enjoy a lot of things! My friends keep me busy, most of the time! (Y'all know who you are!!) And Mat and em  are the only reason I get up in the morning! But of course, like all *NORMAL* and there are a select few who arent, I have girlish intrests!

Music: mainly anything...but Switchfoot still rocks my world :)

TV: The O.C, That 70s Show...

Movies: BLUE CRUSH ALL DA WAY!!!!!! <YAYYY for SURFING!! Cellular is also a knockout! :D

Books: Basically any V.C Andrews series! I really recomend to all of you drama readers the Flowers in the Attic series :)

Food: Lasagna, and Tomato Soup with Grill Cheese! hahaha


I dream of surfin...lol...i spend most of my time with my boyfriend Mat, and damn im glad i do! Aside of that,  I'm vacationing! I always go to da south! Ya know...Key West Florida...or South Carolina!! Always come back with AMAZING souveniers!




da *Roxy* site im in love with!!


da *Billabong* site im in love with!!

Want to get in touch? You can send me e-mail at:



Dont be ashamed of ur "Eh"?